What is Aho?


'idiot' in Japanese.

aho = Hanshin Tigers fans


Aho = Idiot in the Osaka dialect of Japanese.

Yamashita-san wa aho da to omou.

>> I think Yamashita is an idiot.

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A japanese word meaning idiot, fool, stupid and (Japanese word) "baka". "Ahou" somewhat stronger in sense.

This is a kansai (Kyoto, Osaka region) dialect.

Aho, don't say such a stupid thing.

Our current president is an Ahou or Baka, damaging everything.

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Something that is said when someone strongsly agrees with someone.

Person One: She is so fine

Person two: Aho

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it's the same thing as being eaten out, just less dirty sounding

Dayuumm girl, i got aho'd last night and it was damn good

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