What is Ahpt?


Ahpt -is a modern iteration for: spew, eject, and/or discharge.

Ahpt can be used as a verb <1. Ahpt> or interjection <2. Ahpt ahpt>. The spelling of Ahpt may vary amongst users based on the intensity of its context and usage. Ahpt can be represented by 'Ahpt', 'Ahhpptt', or if you really mean it, 'Aaaahhhhhppppptttttt'!

Ahpt - verb

1. To spew bodily contents

2. To discharge bodily contents

3. Something that is ejected

Most recently, Ahpt is also used as an interjection to signify later, leaving, and/or goodbye.

Ahpt - interj

1. See ya

2. I’m out

3. Later, goodbye

Ahpt - verb

1. She's tiight, I'd love to ahpt all over her

2. ...45mins later, I ahpt'd all over her face

3. While opening a packet of fish-sauce, she accidentally ahpt'd some all over her left-eye

Ahpt - interj

1. Ahpt <bye>

2. Ahpt Ahpt <bye bye>

3. I'm outta here, peace. Ahpt Ahpt!

See spew, eject, discharge, bye, later, goodbye


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