What is Aida?


(eye-duh) A girl that's really hot and really smart at the same time. Big exception in today's world. Sought after, and rare.

Guy: dude that girl is such an aida, she is totally out of my league.

Girl: Because you are totally an aida, you are going to get everything you want, I am SO jealous!


In correlaton of making commercials, AIDA means "Attention, Information, Desire, Action".

We have completed 3/4 of the "AIDA-rule", now we must have the "eye catcher" to get attention from the consumer.


'Artificially Intelligent Data Anomaly'

A Self-Intelligent Piece Of Data Encoded Into 'The World',

A Fictional Online Game.

Pronounced 'Ai-Duh', Or 'Eye-Duh'.

'What Are You? A Hacker? And Epitaph? AIDA?'

See artificial, .hack, computer, internet, anomaly


The return of Palestine, the holy land. In arabic the real meaning for aida is Palestine's return.....allah who akbar

See how the jews think is there land well one day everyone in the world will see the truth and how Palestine will aida (return to what it once was.....inshallah

See palestine, plo


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