Aids And Fail

What is Aids And Fail?



Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a disease which is slow and painful to kill.

Its also a weight loss drug found commonly in Africa.


To fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired, or approved.


Combine the two and you get a creamy delicious filling of slow and painful death by ones own incompetence and/or stupidity.

Jimmy: "I just posted up a new youtube video to my myspace account of me having sex with my stuffed toy collection!

Tommy: "Dude that shit is so lame that it's filled with AIDS and FAIL!"

See aids, and, fail, arbiter, death


A complete and utter lack of goodness and or decency. See Daikatana

"That game is made of Aids and Fail."

See aids, fail, daikatana, crap, an hero


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