Aids Face

What is Aids Face?


An insult commonly used to describe someone who's face looks like they have aids; someone who has really bad acne that looks like it might be bad enough to kill them such as aids would.

Person 1 : Ewwwww! look at that girl, she's such an aids face!

Person 2 : What's an aids face?

Person 1 : Someone with a pale, acne covered face that looks like they're dying.

Person 2 : Ohhhh! an AIDS face...I get it. Ha ya definitely an AIDS face.

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a popular insult that, disturbingly, has nothing to do with the STI

person 1: you are an aids face

person 2: but i'm a virgin!

person 1: shut up aids face!

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A person who has such bad acne that it looks like they have aids of the face. Also can be a person who has a pale face that looks like they have aids in general.

Person 1:"Ewww look at that girl's acne!"

Person 2:"I know, deffinate aids face."

Person 1:"Totally."

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