What is Aids-fuck?


An AIDS-Fuck is someone who knowingly spreads AIDS/HIV without thought or conscience to the victim their infecting.

An AIDS-Fuck is someone who goes out of their way to infect unsuspecting victims with contaminated blood or semen.

An AIDS-Fuck is said to be most at work when they are first diagnosed with HIV and go on an infecting crusade to deal with the loss they feel.

"Did you hear that dirty little AIDS-Fuck from Coburg was arrested for infecting guys and girls with HIV?" "What an AIDS-Fuck!"

"I hope Sarah doesn't go home with the slimy bastard from that club, he looks like a definite AIDS-Fuck." See Indonesia.

"Did you hear Tina slept with that African guy Mohib?" "I bet she just got the AIDS-Fuck of her young life!"

"Hey 'Baby Pimp' I gotta get my ass streetside to give those hot rodeo's the AIDS-Fuck of their young lives!"

See aids, hiv, sex addict, prostitute, slut, cum bucket


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