What is Aight?


saying alright but in a hip and ghetto way

"Clean the car", she said. "Aight".


1)A word that slangdefineuses as the confirmation button sometimes when you vote thumbs up or down.

2)The way i took up saying "alright", not knowing that it was already being used as a 'hip' or 'kewl' way to say al right... I was just out there half-assin' it... oh well

Lil' bro: C'mon man! Why can't you take me to the skate park?

Me: Shut the SHIBBYup! I told you already. Your stupid skaterass friends think they're all shibbywith their damn sellout BAM shirts and shit... and I personally don't want to put you, another customer for that damned skatepark, out there for that damned place to suk up you fuckin money. Besides, I'm tired, bored, lazy and I'm gonna halfass my self thru the day... (here it comes)... ... ... Aight?


Shortened, lazier version of "Alright." The pronunciation of "Aight" usually takes the same time as "Alright," but without all of the oral gymnastics.

Billy Bob: Hey Bubba, lets go shoot rabbits!

Bubba: Aight!

Another good example occurs in a Jeff Foxworthy comedy routine


adj : nonstandard usage adv 1: reinforces an assertion, as in "that's aight"

syn: all right, no-doubt,cool 2: sentence-initial expression of agreement syn: very well, fine, all right, OK 3: (informal) in a satisfactory or adequate manner; "she'll do aight"; "He did aight!"; (`aight' is a nonstandard variant of `all right') syn: okay, O.K., cool, all right

"that's aight"


all right

"eh ma you wan some pie?"



a’ight (a-aeit)


1. Referring to something average; okay.

2. Acceptable; agreeable


1. Very well, okay; yes.

2. To agree to a known fact; without a doubt.


1. The food was a’ight, but I preferred yesterday’s meal.

2. Throwing your stuff away is a’ight by me.


1. Used to introduce a statement: A’ight, I’m going to the movies.

2. Its cold out, a’ight.

See Roach


Originally referring to the australian way to say 'alrite', meanwhile gotten more and more popular in the US too. Especially introduced to the US by african-americans and surfer-dudes.

American: Dude, u gonna come surfing the mavs later?

Aussie: Aight mate, sounds like a plan.


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