What is Aigo?



pronunciation: "i.e. go"

used when someone of Korea descent begs for help, forgiveness, mercy, etc

"Aigo!, Soviet's invading Korea."

"Aigo!, will Japan defend Korea?"

Hence, Korea was annexed to Japan in 1905. Aigo!


A Korean Expression. Used to describe frustration, annoyances, tiredness..etc. Comparable to "oh my" of english. It is a slang but not a bad word. Can be heard from all ages but generally associated with old age.

aigo, the day is finally over.

aigo, I have a headache.


1. as in mp3 player brand. In Chinese it means "I love my country" but in reality, it is a cheap mp3 player

"My Aigo MP3 player doesn't work anymore, what a POS"


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