What is Aije?


ajie an intoxicating virus that enters the eye socket, causing extreme arousal, and the loss of the sense of self.

sympthoms: Rising blood temperture, red discoloring of the face, stuttering, and uncontrollable arousle of sexual organs.

"I feel aijied up, man"

"that chick makes me feel all aijied"

"I think I caught a case of the aije"

See Bojack


(n)-The super hot post-whore on the Anime League forums (see FreeSaiyan).

Often times confused with that annoying girl who lives down the lane.

(v)-To prostitute oneself for forum posts.

"Dude, that chick's such an Aije."

"Like your mom, asshat."

"Shut up, you dickmunch."

"Fuck you, you fucking Aije."

*gasp* "Dude, I was only kidding. No need to get all serious."


A anime junkie who infects others with the love of anime.

Aije shows you Ayashi No ceres at midnight. You become an anime junkie.

See Loki


Sex Tool for oral and anal pleasure

i got aijed yesterday


A dildo known for its small size, often the first used by virgins.

"Hey, that dildo is too big, pass me that aije, is better for my first time"

See Mitch


A girl who is the only one to send some poor lad pics of her boobs.

"She actually flashed you?"


"She's an Aije, isn't she?"

"Yep. =/"

"I haven't seen any nookie in a long time..."

"You should go look for an Aije, man."

See Vlad


A name given to only the most beautiful and sweetest of women, often refered to as either "Angel" or "Kitten"

"Whoa... that woman is so Aije!"

See Kairu


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