What is Aikikenjitsu?


(eye, key, ken, jit, soo), also known as AKJ, is a street-oriented martial art which deploys fast multiple strikes, bone breaking joint locks, and evasive circular motion. While the art is heavily based on American Kenpo Karate, it also utilizes various techniques from traditional Aikido, and Jujitsu. The name Aikikenjitsu is derived from its base martial arts: Aikido, Kenpo, and Jujitsu.

This art was created Master Sifu Robert McDowell, who has had direct training by Grandmaster Ed Parker and Al Tracey. Aikikenjitsu has roots in California and Washington state.

I practice Aikikenjitsu with other students in Fife, WA

See aikido, kenpo, martial arts, aikikenjitsu, sifu


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