What is Ailf?


Ant-eater I'd like to fuck.

Hey Karl, check out the long proboscis on that insect lovin' mammal. A prime example of an AILF!


aunt i'd like to fuck

look at that ailf over their

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Asian I'd like to fuck

Dude 1: Hey did you see those ailfs in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift?

Dude 2: Yes I jacked off in the theater to those ailfs. Damn I gotta get me some of that good stuff, yo.

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ass id like to fuck comes from the word milf

wow shes got a "AILF"

See Josh


Ass i'd like to fist

walking into common room Salute: Fist beating heart

your a bit AILF

A word used by the new wave of sixth formers


Comes from the common usage of the word MILF. This was then modified by the new wave of Sixth Formers as the mysterious cult known as the Brotherhood of Fist adopted it as their slogan. Means Ass I'd Like to Fist.

You're a bit AILF

Walk into common room fist beating heart "AILF"

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a) Aunty I'd like to fuck

b) Amma I'd like to fuck

A term used by young people in the diasporic South Asian community in reference to an older woman who is sexually attractive. "Aunty" is a generic title for any woman that is at least half a generation older. "Amma" is the Hindi and Bengali word for "mother". The term AILF was used in a muckittees t-shirt aimed at South Asian youth.

Rohan's mom got married really young. No wonder she's such an AILF.

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