Ailing Vomit

What is Ailing Vomit?


An anagram made up by Maddox for McDonald's new ad campaign: "I'm lovin it" which is actually "I am loving it" therefore the anagram is correct as in there is an "a" in it you dolt.

People have tried ruining Maddox's shit, but PHAIL'D.

The campaign slogan "I AM LOVING IT"

is an anagram for "AILING VOMIT"


Anagram of "I am loving it", the McDonalds slogan. Meaning to expell the contents of your stomach after eating McDonalds.

Guy 1: I just ate a Big Mac and now I have ailing vomit.

Guy 2: Pwned. =P

See vomit, nasty, mcdonalds, baconate


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