What is Ailsa?


The coolest. prettiest, and hottest, girl in ur school, she is always helping people. And is always getting asked out. however she never says yes to more than one guy at the same time.

wow, shes is such a ailsa, i wish i was her! She is so cool, and pretty


Ailsa = love, ailsa = bonebag ailsa = best friend ailsa = special <3

omg its ailsa, wearing panty loons in the garden

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a wookee with a distinct cry when it is going commando.

wow, did you see that wookee with a haircut that looks like it was done by a lawnmower. it was so ailsa!

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man shaped woman with distinguishable horse features blinding bad looks and frizzy hair. often has an equally identical twin, emily

i was blinded this mornin, i looked at an ailsa without eye protection

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