What is Aim Attack Smiley Attack?


When one or more people instant message someone, and bombard them with a frenzy of smiley faces.

Happydudezzz (1:54:29 PM): hello

so yea im ryan (1:54:18 PM): hey

Happydudezzz (1:54:36 PM): (large sum of smileys)

so yea im ryan (1:54:27 PM): wtf

Happydudezzz (1:54:43 PM): (more smileys)

Happydudezzz (1:54:47 PM): (even more smileys)

Happydudezzz (1:54:50 PM): (yes...more smileys)

so yea im ryan (1:54:38 PM): what the fuck is all this emotions

Happydudezzz (1:54:59 PM): (a flurry of smileys)

so yea im ryan (1:54:49 PM): ahhhhh.

Aim attack (smiley attack)

See aim, hello, death, sex, love, money


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