Aim Rap Battle

What is Aim Rap Battle?


when 2 people attempt to rhyme and make raps to diss each other. this kind of battle is done over AIM. white kids who suck at rapping trying to act black usually resort to this kind of battle.

kid will: yo lets do an AIM rap battle cuz we aint got nuttin else to do and we suck at rapping and we wanna be black

kid keji: AIGHT! lets do dis.

kid will: what u gonna do nigga?

kid will: im bigga than u

kid will: i can huslte more shit that u can think of prude

kid will: i had to stop my rhymin cause my bitch walked in

kid will: but i wont eva stop, eva stop rhymin kid

kid will: cause im da kind king of da south they all know me by name

kid kenji: u say ur black, and ghetto, and goddamn hood, but u can

dance about as well as Elton John could

kid kenji: u say ya straight, and right, and downright pimp, but to

tell u the truth, i see a bleached white blimp.

kid will: i might be a blim, and down right chubby, but that more than u

can say cause the girl wanna fuck me

kid kenji: the girl wanna fuck u? gimme a break. ur like some boobs and

a dick on a birthday cak

kid will: U think that u can take me? the kind of da south?

kid will: FUCKING ASS is all that u do

kid will: i wish that u would stop and let me do what i do?

kid kenji: William Ashby Brewer? The king of the south? Thats hard to

say when u got someone's dick in yo mouth.

kid will: but apparently ur gay and u just fuck up there hair, see da gurl

dont like u cause u cant find that spot, i can understand how it might be

hard, cause u dicks to small to get the spot in ur bitches.....

kid kenji: i cant find the spot? my dick is too small? well see the

problem is that u, u have nothin at all

kid will: now how would you know that have u been lookin again? Just like

i thought ud be a faggot to the end

kid kenji: a faggot? a faggot? better check yo mind, i'd think that by

now you'd know ur own kind.

kid will: My own kind u should check ur ow mind, wernt you the one lookin

at his behind

kid kenji: that was dumb.

kid will: and i bet u are numb, i done told u not to drink all that coke n


kid kenji: Why the fuck would i look back at the ass of a man? but i

heard that you were Elton John's #1 fan.

kid kenji: i may be out there having a little Coke and rum, but Will

would rather have thatone other dude's cum

kid will: I hear that uve move on to da chong and chike, i hear its fucked

u up and now u fuck a chink.

kid kenji: Will is dumb. It aint chike but its Cheech and Chong, but he

dont care who--just at least theyre long.

kid will: Long? Long? Have u been bangin ur bong? Dont even keep on tryin

to continue this song

kid kenji: Bangin a bong? what, you think i smoke pot? I think ur just

mad cuz u and Dan White got caught.

kid will: U think that ur bad cause u suck on ur bong, the only problem is

that i be dealin u dat Chong,

kid will: See i got u nigga, im one of a kind, all i can say to u is stare

at a bitches behind. Im still da king of da south and u cant even match

the words commin out of my mouth.

kid kenji: U? Dealin drugs? dont play me, dude. The only thing that

youre addicted to is food.

kid will: Whats wrong with that nigga, u dont like to eat. That how i keep

my hood alive is steal all ur shit, even ur mommas come on over to eat

some of it

kid kenji: H to the izzo. V to tha izza. Will will come back and lose another dizzay.

kid will: H to the izzo. V to the Izza. All that Kenji knows is that my drugs make him dizzy

kid kenji: I whooped yo ass ova and ova, but keep on tryin. maybe be the next hova.

kid will: Hova aint a name its some shit u made up, dont u wish u could be me spittin all dem rhymes up

kid kenji: will's the one dizzy. gimme a break. and when he falls, the whole world will feel the earthquake.

kid will: Do you know how to rhymye u pathetic bitch, u wish that cum but now fucks a snitchid say i overall win, cause im da king of the south all u btiches know when, 6 o clock sun down is when u get done, i like them medium rare with a little on the side, so u can come now and well fly ay ay high.

kid kenji: the men get done? boy, i know u do that. But sometimes they cant feel it under all the fat.

kid will: the battle is done, i done fucked u all the way to kingdome come

kid will: are bitches men, not in my hood, i dont know what u were thinkin but u just got stood

kid kenji: fucked me to kingdom come? thats gay as hell. u must do that a lot, but u dont kiss and tell.

kid kenji: I got stood? Thats not really right. But Will likes the men when their jeans are tight.

kid will: At least when i fuck pussy i fuck it good, and all the ones i fuck are tight and good

kid kenji: u tryna battle me? come on now, why? u dumb as hell, i just gotta say bye bye

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