Aim Tag

What is Aim Tag?


n.a process very much like phone tag--one instant messages their friend who does not respond until later when one is away/idle. One returns to the message and answers it, only to find their friend is once again away/idle. This process tends to repeat itself many times until one can reach one's friend, or one participant gives up.

you (12:04:22):hey i havnt seen u in ages! whats up?

auto response from friend (12:04:24) out. call the cell

friend(3:12:51):oh hey i just got ur message and i no! wanna hang out fri.?

auto response from you (3:12:53): away

you (3:51:38): yea but only if the friggin aim tag stops long enough to work out a time.

See aim, im, phone tag, instant message, instant messaging


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