What is Aiming?


You need precise aiming in order to hit your enemies in the right body parts in most of the computer games. Counterstrike, for example requires an extreme headshot aiming to be very good.

Of course one needs aiming for other stuff than gaming, for instance to hit the toilet with your urin.

Oh dude, Heatons aiming kicks ass today. He is ruling the server yeeehaaa

Damn, my aiming sucked so hard, I pissed beneath the toilet and wetted the floor. My mom was really pissed.

See aiming, aim, counterstrike, games, piss


something you need to do with your cock so you make sure you get it in the right hole, when your gunna have sex.

Man, my girl friend got mad at me yesterday because my aiming was off. She said i need to adjust my sights or get a scope for it. I said that she should be happy that i didnt try and stick it in her ear, cause I would have given her an earful.


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