What is Aine?


the celtic queen of the faires.

She is Aine.

Aine is a fairie.

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Aine is one of the most beautiful names in the world, and will accompany a beautiful person too. Has eyes that'll you'll fall in love with, and a smile that'l warm your heart. She's the best friend you'll ever make, so when you have her, never let her go.

"Aine is the best friend ever"

"i love Aine"

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Aine is used by people who cant pronounce Aint. Usually fast talking individuals

I aine doing it. Aine you suppose to be here?

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A really fat emo faggit girl. who likes avenged seven fold only cause she has seven folds! she likes to be really loud annoying and guys like her and not many girls like her. she thinks she is not very bad looking but she is. she looks like a man

"oh man aine is hot"

"are you serious she has 7 fat folds"

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