What is Ainsley?


Imaginative, creative, able to find light in a situation.

See's beyond the obvious, is exquisitely beautiful.

An Ainsley has their own strong opinions of life and of love.

Will not stay in one place for very long.

They are unlike any other, that person must be an Ainsley.

See stunning, dreamer, unique, charming


An extremely hot chick, who everyone wants to be! Also a famous cook. But mostly, a really sexy chika!

Damn, look at Ainsley over there, i want to be in her says Lucas!

That cooks name is Ainsley!

See ainsley, lucas, sexy, cook


is of Old English / Scottish origin,

rare name,

used for male or female


See old english, scottish, boy, girl


To stir food when probably needed or someone who stirs food to take part in the cooking.

Just give it an ainsley, then do it

See ainsley, cook, stir, verb, adjective


Ainsley, as in Ainsley Harriot, TV Celebrity Chef, is another word for arse.

Do you take it up the Ainsley?

See ainsley, arse, ass, bum


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