Ain't Got No

What is Ain't Got No?


Often used to mean "don't have any," it literally means the opposite.

ain't was originally a contraction of "am not" or "are not," and should only be used in the first person. However, as it has still not been accepted into "proper" English like its counterparts won'tand can't, few people see any problem with further "misuse" of the word.

"I ain't got no money" literally means "I am not got no money," which makes no sense at all, but is nonetheless understood to mean "I have no money."

It is an example of a double negative, where the contraction "n't" and the following "not" should cancel each other out. However, very few people realize (or care) about this, and the phrase remains in common use.

I ain't got no idea what you be talkin' about.


a slang term that means "don't have any" when translated into proper english. very commonly used in the southern part of the U.S.

(friend)"Lend me a dollar, man"

(you)"You know i ain't got no money"


used by very lazy people who don't feel like saying, "don't have any". It's a double negitive that probably derived from the rednecks.

A: I don't have any money.

B: I ain't got no dough neither!

A: Oooookaaay.

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very popular with hicks, ain't got no is translated into don't have any. Usually used by the uneducated

Father: You got pot, don't ya boy?

Son: I ain't got none!


Slang/poorly speaking person's way of saying "I haven't got any..."

I ain't got no money, so I can't go to the movies with y'all.


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