What is Air?


When Some one gets blanked or ignored by somebody.

He gets air

That girl gave him pure air rudeboy


Awesome French electronic band. Basically, two guys with a guitar, bass and a whole lot of computers and key boards.

Only thing better than listening to Air, is listening to Air very baked.

Tim: Air is so good.

Chris: Dude, I know.

Sarah: I don't like them very much, I think...

Tim: Shut up, nobody cares what you think.


what you give to someone who has annoyed you. giving air is the same as 'blanking' someone

bob: "safe g"

bill: "___"

everyone else: dont have that, he's giving u air!!

See The Daz


Air has several definitions

1. Total blank, not even a glance or a sign of recognition.

2. Empty threats made by wastemen or fake rudeboys acting hard.

3. To get a good jump in basketball so one can perform a number of tricks like alleyoop or dunking.

1. - Boi I must be talkin to air

Try move dis chick last nite, only received air lyk.

2. Wasteman"U not what blud im gona get dat boi and run him tru wit my shank"

Real man "Blud u aint gona do sh*t, u chattin air"

3. You see that dunk he got mad air fam.

See wasteman, nike, air force ones, basketball, heir



abreviation of 'length in the ~' air is used by extreme sports enthusiasts (boarders, skaters, bmxers, traceurs) to refer to the time spent in the air between a jump's takeoff and landing; or the distance or height od such a jump.

'that was massive air'

'checkout his air, that was like ten seconds or something'


slang for air conditioning

Hey, it's hot out. Let's put on the air.

See air conditioning, hot, sun, summer, heat


cheap ass shoes from pay-less

that bitch has sume ugly airs.


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