Air Bud

What is Air Bud?


1. A series of movies starring a sports-playing golden retreiver

2. A term used in place of "air ball" in basketball, usually in reference to an incredibly bad shot.


*hits nun*



The act of launching ones midsection (penis) and thrusting it forward into the back of unsuspecting civilians.

Brandon Air Bud Jesse so hard Jesse's eyes are still crossed.

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A magical dog that migrates from family to family, to help an unfortunate, nerdy, dorky, unpopular, uncoordinated, child to help them cope with the tortures of middle school life.

It seemed John's life was absolutely pointless, until Air Bud came into his life, fixing it almost instantly.

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Lame Weed. Bad Pot. Crappy little wispy buds usually found at the base of the branches. Stoney nonetheless, but usually not worth handing over any paper for...unless you live where it's dry i guess... :(

Punk tried to sell me an 8th of airbud for $40! i told him i'd give him a dime for that crap!


Something that keeps on going, no matter how bad of a condition its in.

Why do they keep making those gosh-awful Air Bud movies?

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