What is Air Conditioner Mechanic?


a form of labour aimed at young lazy people whom wish never to work, get a flashy job title and speak alot of smack about air conditioners. Also trained to beleive that they are supirior when in fact they are driven to slavery by their tradesman to make way for the one whom upon arival the Air Condition Mechanics beleive will bend the space time continum with his ability to bludge so much.

Bob - i heard you got a job

Ali - ye i repair and maintair air conditioners, i'm an air conditioner mechanic

Bob - thats not a job, your just a theif

Ali - stop it


Bob - Hey man shouldnt we get to work?

Jim - na man we'll do it like Air Conditioner Mechanics

Bob - Thats just low

See bludger, theif, preacher, mechanic


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