Air Duster

What is Air Duster?


An aerosol can usually filled with 134a gas 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane for non-flammable applications or 152a when flammability is not a factor.

Distributors Choice Air Duster 134a or Distributors Choice 152a Air Duster sold as "MEGA DUSTER" used for "DUSTING" electronics.

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Duster is a product intended to get the dirt and lint out of electronics, but most of it sells because it's a popular inhalant drug among teenagers and other age groups.

The substance that gets you high in duster is called difluoroethane, and therefore it is much more dangerous than whippets, which has a smiliar effect.

Duster can be obtained at places like computer stores, Walmart, and Home Depot. Usually it's locked up, so you have to get a buyer or find a place that leaves it out in the open. When buying duster, remember to get the blue or white bottle. The purple one will probably kill you. Also, remember to NEVER inhale from the bottle upside down. You can get frostbite on your tongue, and even worse, in your lungs.

The effects of duster go something like this:

1st Hit: Numbness, feeling of happiness and euphoria

2nd Hit: More numbness, uncontrollable laughter and slurred speech

3rd Hit: Same as above but now you get dizzy, and it feels as if there is a force pulling down on your body.

Duster is really addictive. You'll tell youself you're only going to do 3 hits, but will end up doing half the can. After more than 3 hits you usually black out, but not for very long. It's usually less than a minute.

One of the good things about duster is that it does not last long. ....but the come down is a bitch.

Duster is usually 7 to 8 dollars.

1. I bought a can of air duster at the self-check out line in Home Depot today. I can't wait to go get fucked up!!

2. Jory fell off his bed and broke his tooth while doing air duster. That's what the ass gets for not sharing.

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A cheap high some say you get better hallusinations from this stuff than acid, sounds become warped which is great for listening to techno and other music. the high only lasts 30-60 seconds and is very dangerous.

Always hold the can upright or cold liquid will come out and freeze your lungs, make sure you let the can warm up a little too. go to erowid for more info.


An inhalent, the product used to clean your keyboard, when inhaled your voice becomes deep and and you become dizzy, the effects last less then and minute but is an incedbly cool feeling/buzz 1 hit will make you feel good 2 better 3 better yet 4 again better much more can make you sick or passout

dude we snaked some airduster from walmart and huffed the hole can

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a legal "drug" that you can get from k-mart or wallmart.. usually you find them in the electronics. The high off of this is amazing.. all you do is breathe in the air for about 20sec-1min. (if you do it too long you could pass out) it makes time go by eigther sooo fast or so slow. techno is sweet when you listen to it.. i cant even explain it... its almost like the music is sloww and everything ealse goes at a different speed. the longer huffs/rips you take the longer your high will last.but be careful this has made me sice and you can easily do stuff that you regret when your on it. if your going to try/do this be careful and do it in moderation..take care of yourself. duster can be dangerous.

We all did air duster yesterday and it was sweet.

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