Air Five

What is Air Five?


The motion of High-Fiving given by two people from a distance, usually accompanied with the high-fiving sound effect "WOOPISH."

Dude 1: I found $100!

Dude 2: Sweet! Air Five!

Dude 1 & 2: WOOPISH!

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A pantomimed high five, performed in unison with someone who is too far away (e.g. across a room) to give you an actual high five.

When the professor announced that class would be canceled, Eric and Nathan gave each other an air five.

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a high five given aross the room without touching. ("wi-five") Call for you to give a "high five" at the same time as some one across the room from and facing you. the five meets in the middle.


Am-"air five!"

*air five takes place*

Lunchbox-"wait for it....waiiiittt.. *air five meets*...YEA!

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Air five is a high five through a long distance, usually used when speaking on the phone or writing emails

OOOH good one, air five!

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