Air Force One

What is Air Force One?


Usually a high top trainer made by nike a very hot pair of kickz right now many playas will be seen kickin it in a custom pair

yo playa dey is some tight air force ones

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Any United States Air Force aircraft carrying the President on board is considered Air Force One. Likewise, any Navy or USMC aircraft carrying the President is Navy One or Marine One, respectively.

Air Force One doesn't have to one of the members of the USAF's Boeing 747 fleet.

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What Nelly calls "Err-Ferce-Werns"

It's getting hot in Err-ferce-werns.

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The presidents personal mode of transportation to all things that he needs to look cool at.

The president is going to meet with the rockin' prime minister from the czech republic. He'd better take Air Force One


shoes nelly wears

air force ones are shoes

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Da sikest creps around dees days. dose fucking creps are sik blad, dey got pure culuz and yall can always chek da man dem and ting wid dem, rude boi.

chek it yoz. dey woz da gear from back in da day, wen i be cotchin in da hood in da bronx, den da rudeboi went by in his escalade and da man dem saw. he chekd wid air force one

oi rude boi, olla at bak me, air force one


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