Air Head

What is Air Head?


One who is below average intelligence or, skatter brained.

Most blondes have a reputation for being air heads.

See Will Smith


Oral sex on an airplane.

During the 5 hour flight to Cali my bitch put her head under the blanket and it looked like she was just sleeping on my lap. But little did the rest of the plane know, I was actually getting some killer air head.

See Nick D


An air heard can be:

1. Ignorant, stupid, dumb, idiotic person who is incoherent to almost everything and is absolutely clueless.It can be anyone.

2. Most men who think and stereotype an airhead as the majority of attractive women out there are the airheads, because what dip shit would randomly look at a female and say 'Oh, she's hot but she's an airhead', and pull this out of a hat. Then accuse some pretty college chick of being an idiot when they could have had a long life with the girl! When they can be getting somewhere and a relationship with a smart and pretty woman! That's what I call an airhead. What the hell is that?

Johnny totally went off on some girl calling her an air head for no reason he pulled it out of a hat, becuase he used a stereotype.

Jamie's such an air head, the grammar she uses is so awful it's so incoherent and the way she spells immature- "emuchur." What is that? She's 21!

See dummie, idiot, ignorant, stereotypes, stupid


1. The majority of attractive women out there.

2. Someone who acts, speaks and functions without thinking

3. Dingbat, idiot, moron

That girl is hot but she is an air head

See dingbat, idiot, moron, blond, woman, girl, hot girl


someone who seems never have anything going on up in her/his nogan

morgan hicks and alex groome are 100% complete air head

See space cadet, loser, cool, wierd


1) A type of tasty candy that can come in a wide variety of flavors.

2) What about 70% of people on the earh can seem like.

The air head candy can seem smarter than some air headed people.


Receiveing oral sex while flying an aircraft. Most often performed in the cockpit on the pilot. Similar to road head.

That stewardess just ran into the cockpit, must be time for air head!

See oral sex, road head, cockpit, stewardess, pilot


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