Air Jerk

What is Air Jerk?


Making a 'jerking off' motion with one's hand to express disgust, disinterest or disbelief, while simulatenously rolling one's eyes. Similar to concept of playing air guitar.

I think she's pissed. She just gave me an air jerk and walked away.

See rudeness, stupid


A motion done with the hand simulating

masturbation. Instead of just conveying an

opinion of someone, it can also be used to convey

to a friend or co-worker what a complete and

utter waste of time something is (or was).

Joe: So how do feel about spending two days

preparing for a meeting and then it's cancelled?

Moe: (simultaneously rolls eyes, makes a wry face

and performs the air jerk)

See waste, jerking off, zilch, nada


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