Air Jordan

What is Air Jordan?


When a girl is laying on the bed naked with her mouth wide open, and you jump all the way from the doorway and slam-dunk your balls in her mouth and you say "Air Jordan, bitch!"

Man, last night I brought that dirtleg home, and I said hey, just lay there on the bed with your mouth open, and she said why? And I was like you'll see, just do it. so she did and I pulled a fucking Air Jordan.


A dense, lingering fart that stays afloat punishing anyone on its path.

I just Air Jordan'd myself

That was quite the Air Jordan

That Air Jordan stinks!

He just Air Jordan'd under the covers and pushed my head in there.

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A type of gaseous release, sometimes known as a fart, whick makes no noise as it escapes the confines of the colon, which occurs when the butt cheeks are spread apart, providing no "clapping" surface in which the gaseous release can exert its force on.

WE wer at the movie thatre, and i let out an Air Jordan so nobody would know who laid it.


when niggers can fly

air jordan is a big nigger

See faggot


u slam ur cock in her pussy and say u want me to slam dunck my cock in ur mounth or ur ass

i slam cock in ur ass


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