Air Max

What is Air Max?


A kind of shoe made by Nike. They are the best kick on the market.

Look at them dope new air maxes.

See 90s, ams, kicks, shoes, bjr


1) A kind of shoe made by nike. The poor man's air force one.

2) The worste kind of air. Even worse than air pie. This kind of disrespect is worthy of a mandatory slewing.

1) "Yo blud check out the new creps. I got me some air max, only set me back about 40 quid"

2) Gangbanger 1: "Yo, where James at? It's my fuckin' birthday!"

Gangbanger 2: "Blud he's just pulled an air max, i think he's allowed you for that wastegashhe's always tapping"

Gangbanger 1: "No one serves this g up with an air max! Lets ride"

(Glocks are heard to be cocked, and a car speeds away...Later that night the bullet riddled body of a wateman is found)

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