What is Airborne?


1. A military unit which is made up of Paratroopers.

Fort Bragg is the Home of the Airborne.


The one true American fighting man. If a soldier is not man enough to risk his neck as a paratrooper, then he is nothing more than a shit bag half ass pussy leg.

"I was wondering what it would be like to be airborne."

"When I'm finished banging your wife, I'll tell you all about it, Leg."

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Hummel's Bitch

Originated in OT WWIIOL.

Airborne belongs to Hummel.

See Rafter


a really good rock band has many good songs such as (too much too young too fast)(stand up for rock and roll)(runnin wild)(speed) and much more

dude 1-airborne is great

dude 2-yep

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the owning gaming communtiy it doesn't ever lose you will never be put down!

you got owned by airborne

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