What is Airbus?


European manufacture of glued together airplanes (composites). Their latest jet the A380 carries up to 800-some people. boeingthus, is the schiznit cuz it made the 777! YEA-AH! But, Airbus is cool too.

I'm scheduled on an Airbus A319 today. (Note to self: bring glue).

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Airplanes built in France which are literally no better constructed than a 20-year old city bus. See also: Scarebus

My flight on the Airbus was terrible since there was a hobo next to me shooting up crack the entire time.


Airbus Industrie is a company that makes airliners and (mostly) civil cargo planes. Most notable for making the A380, the largest production airliner as of 2005. Airbus components are often made in seperate countries hundreds of miles apart and pieces must be flown in to an assembly plant. New airbuses are chock full of modern gadgets such as glass cockpits, joystick controls, and composite materials. Boeing is Airbus's primary competitor.

Airbus is purportedly an icon of international participation but is really a french company with subsidiaries around the european union. It's popular with bean counters, passengers and francophiles, but unpopular with many maintinance crews, pilots, "purists," and francophobes. The jury is still out on long-term engineering quality, but in any case, their airliners don't quite have the character of Boeings.

Airbus A330


A400M(millitary freighter)

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A highly controversial aircraft company which uses European Union subsidies to compete with the US's top exporting company - Boeing. Many Europeans feel Airbus represents Europe well, since it's attacking the US economy in a game which has belonged to America for over half a century - airplanes.

Their airplanes also have a tendancy to lose their rudders.

Answer: Airbus

Question: What French company unfairly uses government subsidies to put Americans out of work?


A manufacturing consortium based in Europe who makes high quality passenger aircraft.

let's see the itinerary........ooh several of my flights are on Airbus quality planes!!!!Yes!!!!


Having flown both Boeings and Airbuses for over 30 years, I can see good points about each type, but any suggestion that Airbuses are not well built is foolish. In many ways their build quality is superior. Boeing is superior in other areas, such as flight control philosophy.

Boeing V Airbus





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The forward thinking European consortium manufacturing high quality, modern and advanced passenger jets showing Boeing (or should that be Boring?) how it's really done. And even the Americans are realising this, do you realise how many American companies are suppliers to Airbus?

More Airbus ordered by airlines for the sixth year in a row? The passengers and airlines number one choice

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