What is Aires?


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and just like their star sign they like to be first in life as well. The Aries Horoscope symbolises the ‘I’ and the ego. Aries is a cardinal fire sign which gives their personality fiery qualities, impulsiveness and optimism. Their cardinal quality also gives then leadership abilities.

People born under the star sign of Aries are full of energy and excitement but can also sometimes be egotistical, negative with a tendency towards impatience and irritability. Aries are people with drive, ambition and a powerful intoxicating energy.


Pioneering Impulsive Efficient Single-minded Brave Enthusiastic Aggressive Frank Straightforward

Aries Ruler: Mars - symbol of energy and power. Mars is the masculine principle and gives determination, energy ambition and power. It brings willpower and an active pursuit of goals.

Aries Gender:: Male

Aries House: I

Aries Element: Fire

Aries Mode: Cardinal

Aries Colour: Red

Aires the start of the horoscope chart

See sex drive, anger, hate, passion, war


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