What is Airflare?


An advanced breakdancing (or bboying for purists) move. Requiring a lot of strength and balance, airflares have an impressive gravity defying appearance.

"I got this Korean kid on a video who does 30 airflares in a row!"

See Tom


A power-based breakdancing move often following footwork or raotation and momentum based power moves, allowing a way to transition from one move to another, build momentum or simply maintain momentum when thinking of what to do next. It is somewhat similar to a swipe, but at no point to feet touch the floor. This can be done once are with many airflares (also known as airtracks, airtrax, airswipes) in succession. The body is not perpendiculrar to the floor, but with a smaller angle which can defer from B-boy to B-boy (or B-girl, as it may be). Legs tend to be spread out somewhat, and both hands are all that touch the floor. Vaulting of one hand, the body starts to rotate in the air and the arm that released swings round with the body. The other arm releases and the rotation continues. Eventually, both hands will land and with momentum increased or intact, the position prior to execution is once again adopted, ready for a transition or another airflare. The landing in particular requires great arm strength, and all of it requires great balance to prevent toppling over in the slanted handstand or landing awkwardle.

B-boy Junior successfully lands an airflare, before moving into regular flares and and afterwards, munch mills.

Amputationz, AKA B-boy Retarded attempts an airflare, and successfully lands on his face. he staggers in a toprock like manner over to the waiting ambulance.


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