Airlie Beach

What is Airlie Beach?


A beach town in northern Queensland, Australia. People only go their because they are tight ass and can't afford to go the Whitsunday Islands, located nearby. Majority of the population is generally a bunch of English backpackers getting on the piss.

Lottie: Let's go to Airlie Beach for our summer holidays. I love swimming at the beach.

Bonnie: No, you can't swim in summer time because of the stingers.

Lottie: What about winter?

Bonnie: Too cold.

Lottie: So we can't swim in the ocean... Isn't there a giant pool? I think its called Airlie Beach Lagoon ??

Bonnie: Siff, you could probably get pregnant from swimming in that thing!

See queensland, hole, bogan, pommy, shit


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