What is Airlow?


Airlow is a word that can be used as an answer for virtually anything. You can also say "air" for short. The word was developed ages ago, when a young deciple of Derp named Chay Bizness was taking a poop while yelling the words "AIRLOW! AIRLOW!" These words were screeched in such a way that it sounded like the poop was having much trouble being pushed out. Aka, constupated. And from that day on, mankind would use the world "Airlow" It's most useful way to be said is a replacement of the words "I don't know". A quick and lazy way to say "I dont know" is Airlow.

Hey Tyler! What did you get on your math test? reply-Airlow!

Hey bozwell, is that game any good? reply-eh, Air

See airlow, air, airy


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