What is Airnik?


By far the worst user on any message board ever. Gets off on reporting users and being an arrogant ass. Got two of the greatest users ever on IGN permabanned

I hope your mother builds a time machine and goes back in time and aborts you, AirNik

See Gigli


An IGN user of profound mental retardation with a mental age comparable to that of a sponge cake and who generally is unable to learn connected speech or enjoy himself over the Internet. With his head up his ass you will find AirNik trolling at several IGN boards as, unfortunately he still hasn’t realised that he and his room temperature IQ are unwelcome at both IGN and Ve3d.

You've never made a funny in your life PearDick you pompous twat, someone with the mental agility of a grapefruit, like yourself, should not be on the internet

See Redhotkick


a jackass that needs to kill himself

**** airnik let him **** in hell


1. A whiny little bitch who cries to IGN Mods whenever his name is mentioned.

2. A dicksucking bastard who has his head so far the IGN Mods ass, he can lick the back of their tounges.

3. Slang term for oral sex. See Blowjob

"Mr. Mod, they're talking about me again."

*slurp* *slurp*



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