What is Airport?


Place where you go to fly.

I'm going to the airport.


A state of immense embarrassment in public; being ridiculed and humiliated in front of others, to the point where you need to disappear or keep a low-profile.

Shawn took a shit in his pants in the school's hallway. He went to the airport.

I got slapped by an ugly chick in class. Damn, that was airport.

Pastor Eric's church members caught him in a brothel. That's airport status. He had to catch a flight.

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Airports are places where various aircraft take off and land from. There are big, busy airports, like O'Hare International, and there are small, quiet airports like where I am writing from, Olympia Regional.

Many airports have flight schools where you can learn to fly an airplane or a helicopter. Smaller airports have plenty of airport bums and ramp rats, which is a good thing since flying is fun to watch.

Sometimes airports will have museums, restaurants, and other fun activities.

I am happy because I found a job at the airport, renting out planes and answering phones.


Let's go to the airport and get a plane ride!


To forget to get souveneirs while on vacation and then buy some thoughtless tee shirt or such at the airport gift shop.

I had such a blast in Tahiti I forgot to buy my boyfriend a gift, I had to airport him.

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Dark peach fuzz on a guy's upper lip. Gross, dirty looking.

That guy has an airport, ew.

See 'stache, mustache, peach fuzz, gross, beard


flat chested girl

her chest is so flat even a plane can land on it

See Tosh


There are four kinds of airport. #1 International. The largest, busiest airports, taking flights from around the world. Usually has a very long runway. Eg:Los Angeles International airport is the seconf largest airport in the world. #2 Reagional. An airport that takes flights from around country/continent. Eg:Nanaimo Reagional isn't the busiest airport around, but it'll get you around the continent. #3 Local. The second smallest airport, usually has average facilities, only takes local flights. Eg:Qualicum Beach Local will take you as far as Vancouver and up-island, but thats it. #4 Airstrip. Smallest of all airports, usually doesn't have normal airport facilities and can take only small aicraft. Eg:Tofino Airstrip has no facilities, but planes do land there.

Pilot - After the 18 hour flight from Vancouver, we finally arived in at Hong Kong International Airport.

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