What is Airquake?


An interesting strategy in World War II Online (Battleground Europe), whereby opposing forces decide a ground presence is no longer needed in favor of bombing and strafing of enemy targets. Airquake is typically characterized by DB-7 and Havocs pulling 10+ G loop maneuvers after delivering their payloads with devastating effectiveness. Axis forces have been known to lay the pwn down via Airquake as well, with less noticeable defiances of physics and/or wing loading properties.

Player A:"WTF KILLED ME!?.... I just spawned in AB!!"

Player B:"A bomb dude... Airquake is here"

Player A:"Bofors up in AB needs tow... nvmd dead to Airquake"


Player B:"Nah dude, that's a Havoc on a 'bombing run'"

(15 seconds later)Player A: Well... where did it go?

Player B: Oh its in the stratosphere by now

See camp, camped, bombed, pwnt


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