Airsoft Guns

What is Airsoft Guns?


Are 1:1 scale replica models of guns, which fire 6mm solid plastic BBs of usually .12, .20, or .25 grams, with propulsion for the projectile provided by manually compressed springs and electric motors. Spring propelled airsoft guns are usually more durable because of the lack of complex components like that of electric. Electric propelled Airsoft guns do have their advantages. They have the ability to shoot at semi automatic and full automatic firing rates. Airsoft guns with the Hop Up feature are usually more accurate because they spin the BB instead of just ejecting it.

Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Electric MP5 Fullscale Heavy Grade

Airsoft Electric Uzi Fullscale Automatic

Airsoft Rifle AK-47 / AK47 Electric Fullscale

Airsoft Rifle AK-47 / AK47 Heavy Grade Electric Fullscale

Airsoft Rifle AK-74U / AK74 Heavy Grade Electric Fullscale

Airsoft Rifle G36 Electric Fullscale Tactical

Airsoft Rifle M4 Electric Fullscale Tactical

Airsoft Rifle Sig 552 Electric Fullscale Tactical

Airsoft Rifle Steyr Aug Sniper Nextgen

Airsoft SMG Uzi Electric Fullsize

Airsoft Uzi Electric Tactical

Airsoft Spring Pistol Category

Airsoft Anarchy Vs Law Pack


kick ass bb guns that look like real m-16's and shit

i have a whole bunch of airsoft guns

See mark


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