What is Airwalk?


A very good shoe company. Airwalk shoes are very durable and are popular among skater's.

I baught a new pair of Airwalks.


(v.) - Terrible use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and all other 3rd grade grammar rules that are commonly held to be simple and easily understood by most rational people

Last time i checked. Didn't running unlock weapon mod. Ban your server from the master list?


If anyone wants there server on our demo list. Just make a support ticket requesting it. And we will add you to the list.


Wow! Way to airwalk.

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To the majority of people of high standing: the poor man's vans.

Person of talent: I love my vans.

Lamer: Airwalk 4 lief I mean like yeah w00t *dies of stupidity*

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