What is Ais?


AIS simply stands for ass in seat. Word can be used when you set an exact time or something and you let the person know AIS or else.

Mike's father told him and his younger brother at 5:30am they better he AIS or they will get left.

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It's an abbreviation for "Ass In Seat" or else. It started from the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond" where Ray tried to pull it on Debra, but he was inept to know that you never pull an AIS on your own wife, but on the kids, just to teach them a lesson about being on time. It is usually said when you want your passengers in the car, so you can drive at the right time.

Ross: Alright Mon, for the party tomorrow we're doing an AIS or else at 5:00 p.m.

Monica: Alright, agreed, AIS or else at 5 pm.

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This is usually stated when a college professor is so easy that all you have to do is literally have your "ass in seat" to achieve an A grade for the class. College students generally know which professors are AIS by word of mouth rumors.

Chandler: Hey Joey, take a community college course with Professor Ross, and you are guaranteed an A grade for the class as long as you attend class.

Joey: Are you saying Ross is an AIS professor?

Chandler: I am totally saying he's an AIS professor.

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Pronounced ASH!

see also - aislinn

or Aisy..the cuter version of Ais

a witty and sarcastic lady, who enjoys waving and has a serious tea obsession.

In the kitchen making tea..he/she is doing an Ais


American International School in Egypt - Located in Cairo, Egypt.

Actually known as AISE, although most students say AIS and the uniforms say AIS.

Basically, it's an American private school in an Arab country.

Ever since I moved to Egypt, my parents make me go to AIS.

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An Ipswich Town fan whose hobbies include, window licking, ear chasing and being a cock 24/7.

Posting rubbish on WOTB.


Abbreviation for "Assume It's Significant." Used on a BBS when someone posts a reply that is only marginally related to the original question.

Question: Does anybody know about how much a one-bedroom apartment rents for in a nice side of town in New Jersey?

Reply: Bruce Springsteen was born there!


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