What is Aish?


Korean word meaning "ah crap!" or.. "oh no!"

Aish! I just missed the bus!

See korean, crap, oh no, dang, korea


the act of smoking marijuana, may be used as a verb noun or adjective

NOUN: hey lets go get some aish and start gettin blown

VERB: lets aish already man,, im gettin bored

ADJECTIVE: man you are such a dam aish head, u aish so muchh


Mid-to-upper class socioeconomic culture slang. -aish can be inserted into any word ending in -ation, (ie presentation) to quickly convert it into slang. Usually, once it is used, the next response will also contain an -aish word, and so on.

Originated in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Kid 1- "Hey did you go to the library to work on your presentaish?"

Kid 2- "Nah, just a little study-room masturbaish."

Kid 1-"Nice man. I gotta go to my Biochem recitaish. And wash your hands, btw."


To stick a crow up your ass and pleasure yourself.

Derived from croatia, the place where crows aish.

His fart smelled of crow beak and feathers.


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