What is Aisling?


aisling is hot and sexy, smart and all that!

every guy in the world fancies aisling e.g graeme!

See gorgeous, smart, hot, sexy


Aisling is a very snakey girl. one who enjoys dancing and snake all the time!

ohhhh- check out that Aisling! she's really snakin' it up tonight!

See kaitlin


A dream or Vision.

The picture of loveliness

(Only applies to IrishAislings)

Oh wow, even ginger hair looks good on aisling

See vision, dream, aisling, lovely, irish


"aisling" is a word which encompassess all the ingredients and things that go into making a fugly slut....

"oh my god. WHAT an aisling."

See hoe, sket, slut, whore, hoe-bag, fugly, ugly, butters, munter


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