What is Aj?


Trying to finger a girl in the vagina. But missing and getting her in the bum hole.

"Oh sick dude, you pulled an aj on her?"

See ass hole, vagina, fingering, butt hole, heather


n. commonly used to describe an italian who displays "best-boyfriend-ever" behavior

also see sweet, irresistible, and sexy-beast

marsha: "oh my gosh look at the beautiful roses he sent me!

tina: "wow, he's such an aj..."

See sweet, funny, handsome, gorgeous, arnold, italian


A slang term for a male couch dweller. AJ's like to have their ego stroked for doing absolutely nothing at all and can be awesome friends, despite their frequent mood swings. AJ's are experts at making girls feel good about themselves and are not afraid to get down on all fours and act like evil kittehs.

"He is such an AJ!"


born to be an AJ

See couch, male, ego, awesome, kitteh


Apple Juice for short. Like OJ.

Woah! This aj is the f***ing shit!!!!!!

See oj, apple juice, juice, drink, o.j.


Short for anal jabbing. Repeatedly piercing the asshole in a violent and prolonged manner.

I got bored with her pussy so I gave her an AJ.

See butt, ass, anal, jabbing, fuck


a uncontrollable Filipino guy who bangs any girl he sees...

short, muscular, chest of steal.

a great gentlemen, and never mean

Aj is every girls dream guy

commonly used when girl sees a hot guy...

"wow look at the Aj."


"I wish i can be an Aj."

See sexy, hot, beast, cool


1) An individual who fails repeatedly regardless of there attempts to succeed.

2) Someone who is Admiral of a fleet of failboats.

3) An EXTREMELY white individual who thinks and pretends he's black... but just comes off as being horribly white.

4) A nancy boy.

Dude, you went and pulled an AJ. Knock it off before you embarrass yourself more.

See aj, nancy, boy, admiral, fail, boat


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