What is Ajax?


Asynchronous Javascript And XML.

google maps uses ajax to pass data.


A town in southern Durham Region, Ontario, sandwiched between Pickering and Whitby.

Pickering Villiage is part of Ajax.

See mass


A football club named after a Greek mytholigical hero, based in Amsterdam Holland

Ajax "was" the best team in the world untill it sold all it's better players to barcalona :(

See eejit


Ajax, is a football team from Amsterdam.

It is also the best Dutch team, and has been the greatest european team and even the worlds bestest team for a while(1995). Many of the ajax players grow up to be really good footballers and move to different, italian or english clubs to show the world that ajax has the best footballschool in the world. Many Ajax players also go to barcelona, which is possibly the best european club ever. Ajax has more european titles in its pocket than any other dutch team.

Ajax is also known for their fans, especially for the ones from the F-Side, who are the real hardcore ajax fans, they are also the ones who beat up all them smelly feyenoord and P$V fans when they come to amsterdam to loose in the arena. People who really love ajax are said to have an 'Ajax-heart', which means that you support the team in good, but especially bad times when all the fake Ajax fans leave the arena to go support some other team. The ajax jersey is red and white and looks really nice. Ajax supporters usually also like Celtic Fc from scotland, and liverpool Fc from england.

cockroach: i h8 you dirty ajacied!

Ajax fan: then I'm afraid you must die, im (not)sorry.

cockroach: No please almighty ajax fan, spare my life, i will give you my wife in return, i dont love that bitch anyway, and here have my children, coz i can do that coz i have no heart whatsoever, like al feyenoord fans

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Name of a member of the gang in the The Warriors a 1979 film. He is the muscle of the group, cocky and arrogant but a strong soldier and a great asset to the gang.

"yo man, you see Ajax?"

"No man what happened?"

"man he destroyed those pussy fucks."

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An industrial-strength cleaner sold by the company Colgative Palmolive, usually in powder form.

The fact that it took so long for someone to identify Ajax as a popular cleaner says a lot about the personal hygiene of Ajax soccer fans.

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A town in southern ontario in between the dirty O and Scar City

-where are you from, then?

-ajaaaaax...... (with a mad head shake)

-right on


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