What is Ajay?


A really laid back person.

Indian name for a handsome boy

usually marry girls named shreya

Oh he's a total ajay

See indian, boy, shreya, chill, cute


A person, place or thing that is both chocolaty and rainy at the same time. The state of resembling chocolate rain.

- That song is so ajay.

- You'd be so much more ajay if your moved away from the mic to breathe in.

- That milkshake is so ajay... does it bring the boys to the yard, too?

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a guy who always looks like he is stoned...

a guy with a low IQ because he is always listening to mac dre, mistah fab, and other hyphy music...

makes the thizz face often (like he's ever gonna take that shit)

person 1: hey is that brown kid stoned?

person 2: no he's just being an ajay

See brown, hyphy, thizz, rap, dirty south


a kid that listens to hyphy music and luves kead da sneak who actually sucks and talks about running as fast as sai, but can't! He thinks he's a G but deep down he's just a cheap ass crazy indian boy.

Stefan - "Hey dude, pay me back a dollar fifty."

Ajay - "Here's fifty cents. I'll get you the rest in pennies."

See ajay, indian, cheap, crazy, sai


any below-average height Indian child with an insatiable appetite for curry, who has a curious liking for American Football teams that lose, and a mouth that just won't shut up

-can also be used as a swear word

1. Dude, shut up, you're being such an ajay!

2. What the ajay are doing?

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Short for amateur journalism (or "A.J."); term used by hobby printers to describe their turn-of-the-last-century hobby. Formed the first amateur press associations (or "apas" for short) -- the National, United and American, or NAPA, UAPA and AAPA for which they published "papers."

As a publishing member of NAPA, he was involved in ajay.


Dodgy code, Poorly written or badly structured code.

Ajay writes dodgy code


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