What is Aj's?


AJ- short for Air Jordan. AJ's means air jordans.Air Jordans known colloquially as Air Jordans, Jordans, "Jay's", "Js", or AJs are a brand of shoes produced by Nike which was designed for and endorsed by professional basketball player Michael Jordan. Also shoes that Demarcus or Rashawn begs their mom to buy for them at about $150-200.Or shoes that Qyntel robs some innocent lady so that he can buy him a FRESH pair of AJ's.Shoes that are overpriced but gets you p*ssy in da club when you rock them with a nice unit.AJ's air jordan's those are the very popular in many under privileged neighborhoods in the U.S to some kids collecting AJ's is more important than GPA,SAT or I.Q.

I got a fresh pair of AJ's.

Rapper SLIM THUG has a freestyle over a Z-ro beat called That's how ya feel.His song is called AJ's and is on I REPRESENT THIS 2.

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means Aroma Joe's, the best place to get coffee or flavored rebbulls. aka heaven

concerned friend: Mike put down the AJ's.

Mike: I can't it's like deliciouse Strawberry rudbull sex in mah mouf!

concerned friend: thats the 13th one you had today!

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The new word for party drugs in Australia.

Coined after the strange fall from grace suffered by rugby league legend ANDREW JOHNS or AJ to those who know him well.

Arguably the best player to wear boots was caught with an ecstacy tablet in his pocket after a party in North London. (He had retired from the game.)

He later explained that he had been using party drugs for almost his entire career.

Cut Ken some slack, he's had a huge night on the AJ's

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