What is Ak-12?


Semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun built on the AK-47 design. Slightly modified to permit larger shell size, this excellent offering from Izmash Arsenal in Russia accepts box magazines holding between four and ten rounds at present. Larger capacities are rumored to exist. The stock weapon uses an adjustable gas system to permit it to cycle low-brass "target" loads or full-sized shells. A number of short-barrel highly customized versions are availabe and very attractive as home-defense and offensive weapons.

"What in Hell is that?"


"You pay the extra $200 for the short-barrel on that? It looks vicious! And you've got a stack of 10-round clips loaded with buckshot! Is that body-armor you're wearing? You're better armed than me and my partner!"

"Yes, officer."

"Well, I got no reason to hold you. Have a good night."

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What Bush was looking for when he invaded Iraq, truly a high performance weapon of mass destruction. This lil' beauty is an authentic Russian made AK-47, but has been made to shoot 12-gauge shotgun shells instead...6 of them as fast as you can pull the trigger! Manufactured by Saiga. See also "street sweeper"

Private: Sir, requesting permission to speak, sir.

Captain: Permission granted private.

Private: Sir, our latest intelligence report indicates that there are more than 60,000 troops headed our direction. They are armed with fully automatic weapons and RPGs. There are also 50 Bradley tanks with them. I am sure you are well aware that we have sustained heavy casualties in the past two weeks and morale is at an all time low. Further more, our support is more than 12 days away.

Captain: Private, I give you a direct order to send up multiple flares so that the enemy can pinpoint our exact location.

Private: Sir, are you fuckin' nuts?

Captain: We have one AK-12 private, we are about to take those gheymos for a Polish bike ride that they will never forget!

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