Ak Neighbor

What is Ak Neighbor?


A.K. means a neighbor who is a total douchebag that flips out at any one, thing, or action possible. For example, he most recently marched over to my house and knocked the crap out of my back door. All of this for throwing three lousy snowballs at his house at 10:30. He decided to come over in 26 degree weather, kick and scream like the wussy both of him and his two sons are and curse at the top of his lungs claiming he would raise hell and call the police. We broke NO windows simply threw three snowballs and he raised hell. So to summarize, AK Neighbor is someone who is a pussy, and raises their kids to be goody two shoes and little gay boys who are too perfect and shy as anyone in the whole world. Last but not least, an AK Neighbor is the most over-protective freak you will ever see, and plays Frank Sinatra BS music on his speakers outside for the whole neighborhood to hear, because he has NO friends and everyone despises him. In conclusion, thank the lord he doesn't live 20 feet away from you!

AK Neighbor is someone who thinks the whole world should be overprotective.

AK Neighbor is someone who won't let their kids do anything remotely entertaining.

AK Neighbor is someone who thinks snowballs to the side of a house could be fatal.

AK Neighbor is someone who plays Frank Sinatra on his outdoor audio system to purposely piss you off.

AK Neighbor is someone who kicks and screams like a faggot when he thinks someone isn't beign the perfect goody two shoes citizen.

See faggot, asshole, asswipe, pussy, cunt, dick, goody two shoes, scum, cock sucker, wussy


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